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Woodbridge Basketball Association is a not-for-profit basketball association founded to help youth in and around Woodbridge, to develop young athletes’ basketball skills and continue to work with them on and outside the court to improve their physical fitness, lifestyle and good sportsmanship.

Our goal is to train and encourage young athletes with the basic skills of basketball, respect for teammates, the opposing teams, the coaches, fans and all officials and to promote an active lifestyle for all young athletes.

Your support to sponsor our programs will go a long way in helping our volunteers and young athletes in our community to facilitate/offset some of the burdens/fees of renting basketball gyms and paying registration fees, uniforms and to buy basketball equipment. Your support and sponsorship will assist with these community assisted programs for these young athletes who without the help and sponsorship from supporters like you would not have been able to attend professional basketball training, and for this, we say thank you.

With your support and partnership we will be able to provide financial assistance to families and parents of young athletes to enhance their participation in sports which in return will promote a positive lifestyle and make them better citizens in the community.

We highly encourage people and businesses in the community to participate in our sponsorship program, if you or someone you know is in position to support our sponsorship program, do not hesitate to contact Woodbridge Basketball Association or fill out our online forms.

Your donation and sponsorshipis highly appreciated by our young athletes, the families and the association. If you are interested to add your company logo on our team jerseys, website, banner, etc. contact us.

Thanks for your generosity and kind heart.