Woodbridge Basketball Association is a not-for-profit basketball association founded to help youth between the age of 5 and 17yrs old, with basketball program in the city of Vaughan which comprises of Kleinburg, Maple, Concord, Woodbridge, to develop their basketball skills and continue to work with them on and off the court to improve their physical fitness and good sportsmanship.

Our goal is to train and encourage young athletes with the basic skills of basketball, respect for teammates, the opposing teams, the coaches, fans and all officials. Good sportsmanship will also assist them to develop good character and skills they need later in life. Our goal is to also provide an alternative basketball club accessible to parents and kids that have to travel out of Vaughan because all other teams in Vaughan cannot accommodate them as a result of space capacity.

With WBA founders business skills, they will be able to mentor and provide life developmental skills needed by these youths into becoming better young adults and better citizensin their communities.The goal is that all members of the WBA, including the coaches, parents and players, have a fun and memorable experience that extends far beyond the game of basketball.

WBA will incorporate a health and nutrition program into the league. We will provide healthy eating clinics, guidelines and individual consultations for families and players to encourage dietary and lifestyle habits conducive to athletes. This program will be run by Dr. Janine Bowring, one of the co-founders and a naturopathic doctor who has worked with athletes in her naturopathic practice over the past 15 years.