Expectations & Goals

All WBA Coaches Must:

  • Treat each athlete with the utmost level of respect and dignity.
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times and require that his/her athletes do the same. Never engage in or allow his/her athletes to use swearwords, trash talk, be verbally insulting, taunt or behave in such a way that demean athletes or coaches on same or the opposing team.
  • Learn to control his/her competitiveness. Keep his/her ego out of coaching. Emotional negative outbursts such as anger and frustration are unacceptable. Make the experience for the athletes interesting, enriching and fun.
  • Be responsible for his/her athlete's well-being and safety while the athletes are in the coach's care.
  • Not challenge judgment calls by the officials. It is acceptable to challenge the interpretation of a rule, but only in a courteous non-confrontational manner.
  • Shouting or gesticulating reactions to referees' calls are unacceptable. Remember the younger referees are in a learning phase and should be treated with dignity and encouragement. Concerns should be forwarded to the convener.
  • Always in control of his/her athletes. Any athlete, who is not in the basketball court, must be sitting on the bench in their respective corner and paying attention to the game.
    Note: There may be occasions where a coach may want to bench anathlete for disciplinary reasons. Although WBA does not condone this action routinely, should it be the case, a coach in doing so must notify the other coach, the referee, the parents/guardians (as soon as possible), and the league coordinator.
  • Exemplify honesty, integrity, and fair play no matter what the impact might have on the outcome of the game.
  • Bear in mind, Basketball is only a game and should be FUN irrespective of the outcome of any game. A good coach is one that can honestly say after the game that his/her athletes, win or lose, had fun out there today and use the lesson learn to advance athletes skills and training.

All Coaches are required to: Read, agree with and will endeavor to administer all of the above WBA principles.