Development House League

All WBA coaches will attend a mandatory coach's clinic at beginning of the basketball season.

All coaches will work under the guidance of the Director of Coaches and Director of Development House League.

Development House League COACHES CODE OF CONDUCT

Development House League Coaches Roles on Practices

Athletes have to wear proper basketball attire and shoes in all Practices.

Coaches should organize practices by giving instructions and using a combination different Coaching styles.

Coaches have to keep players busy between each drill. Don't allow players to sit downdoing nothing.

Make the athletes understand about organization and team conduct. Meet them before the Warm-up.

Coaches should make practices simple yet driven.

Coaches always should use the word “TRY”, creating a positive environment that promotes the athletes to develop.

Always be positive towards our young athletes.

YELLING at the athletes is not tolerated. Talk to the athletes; if unacceptable behaviour continues then ask them to sit down for 5 Minutes and speak to Parents/Guardian.

Any individual meeting with an athlete should have Parent/Guardian with Coach and Manager present.

Coaches Roles on Games

Coaches are the only one that should be giving instructions to the athletes at all games