Proper athlete nutrition is often overlooked in amateur sports. The philosophy of WBA Woodbridge basketball and why we differ from Vaughan basketball club in Vaughan and Woodbridge, Ontario is to educate players and their families about the importance of proper athlete nutrition to support a growing child that is physically active. As an athlete matures, the physical and mental demands increase. It is important to match these new demands with a proper nutritional profile for optimal athletic and mental function and performance.

Athlete nutrition is a little different than nutrition for less active individuals. Basketball players and other athletes require more calories and carbohydrates than “average” individuals. This is because more energy is burned and more cell recovery is needed for a more physically active individual. Basketball players need to maintain their mental acuity to remember plays and “read” the game at all times. For this reason, a focus on brain foods, especially the omega 3 fatty acid DHA need to be a daily part of their dietary intake.

The game of basketball requires the combination of endurance, speed, power, agility, specific basketball skills and mental acuity. By incorporating proper performance nutrition, players can maximize their training and competitive abilities.

Fatigue, both physical and mental, is one of the most crucial opponents to the basketball player. Therefore, one of the goals of basketball performance nutrition is to reduce the onset of fatigue in practice and game situations. Delaying fatigue not only gives players an advantage over their competitors but it also helps to prevent injury. Many injuries occur in the last few minutes of the games or practices when players are physically drained and mentally tired. So, maintaining high energy levels throughout game and practice give a player a distinct competitive edge.